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Cannot ping a new instance

asked 2016-11-20 01:21:49 +0300

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We use a cluster of Windows 2016 hyper-V Servers. Recently we have migrated from Mitaka to Newton. We have now some trouble when we create new instances. Network is not working (instance does not ping). There is no error message nor in the Hyper-V log nor in the Neutron server. Port is correctly created. If we restart the service "OpenStack Neutron Open vSwitch Agent Service", after a couple of seconds, the network goes up. Then it works without any problem and stay stable. If we create a new VM we the problem.

In the OVS part we have setted the option ovsdb_interface = vsctl (if not we have errors in the log)

the "ovs-vsctl.exe show" command is ok and shows the ports of the instance.


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answered 2016-11-20 01:45:41 +0300

Matthieu gravatar image

I think that I have resolved our problem.

I have set up the old method for ofinterface : ofinterface = ovs-ofctl

Now the network is going up correctly.

Change that we have done to our neutronovsagent.conf [ovs] ovsdbinterface = vsctl ofinterface = ovs-ofctl


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