Tutorial Openstack & Hyper-V

asked 2017-03-12 22:52:56 +0300

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Hi guys,

I'm building a labo for my thesis about Hyper-v hosts (Windows Server 2016 and Openstack deployment) I've built my labo, but i can't find much info about the integration. I have 3 hyper-v hosts that i've installed nested on a windows 2016 server and configured Storage spaces direct.

I've downloaded all the software from cloudbase for the hyper-v nova compute and cinder smb, but don't really know if i really deployed it directly.

Does someone have a tutorial or guide to help me out? The screenshots on cloudbase are not the screenshots that i'm having. I have a lot of questions, but can't really find the answer.

Here are some questions that directly come to my mind:

  • i ve deployed v-magine but i always have the compute.pp error, exiting the setup is no issue, because my openstack controller seems to be running
  • because i run my hyper-v hosts nested, i see that v-magine created 2 extra virtual switches, do i need to add them to my nested hyper-v's also?
  • the fip range, could this be on my public range? ex. my network here is 192.168.1.x/24 and configured the fip range from

I new to OpenStack and don't really find more information. The Hyper-v cluster and storage spaces direct are working without an issue.

Hopefully someone find the time and info that i need, because my project need to include the following: - openstack on hyper-v 2016 cluster - live migration - networking with ovs (neutron) - ...

Thx John

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