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Hi guys,

I new to Openstack integration into Hyper-V. I need to build an Openstack labo for my thesis. The Hyper-V cluster with Storage Spaces Direct is running. I can launch an instance, but i have no networking connectivity.

I'm running 3 hyper-v servers nested in my Hyper-V host, and they all have 4 network card each connected to a hyper-v switch: External (connected to my local lan) Cluster (internal network) Live Migration (internal network) SMBStorage (internal network)

I see that when i launch an instance there is a vlan id 512 or 521 assigned to the instance and the instance is connector to an external hyper-v switch. I assume that i need to configure a trunk but that fails to create with my powershell command. I also read about promiscious mode, etc. During the V-Magine installation, it created 2 hyper-v switches, but right now they aren't connected to any nested Hyper-V server.

So you see, i'm way off to get the networking working, but hope that someone find the courage and the time to assist me in my configuration or at least guide me how to configure it.

Thx John

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Are you using the Hyper-V agent or the OVS agent? Can you post your agent config from your compute node? Also, can you provide your openstack network config for the network you're using for the instance. Use the following command: openstack network show [name of the network you are us

awestin1 gravatar imageawestin1 ( 2017-05-09 06:18:01 +0300 )edit