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Quota Usage [closed]

asked 2017-08-12 07:01:46 +0300

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Is there a way to get nova on hyperv to send the proper quota usage (eg: cpu, ram), even if guests haven't been deployed through openstack ?

We do have 3 hyperv nodes (win2016) running at 64GB of RAM, Horizon shows a certain amount of cpu/ram being in use for these nodes which is not correct due to some VMs that have been deployed manually (eg: without openstack), notably our openstack controller.

This cause deployment issues as some of our nodes are near capacity while OpenStack thinks they are at full capacity (eg: 60GB of RAM available on node1 while in reality, it only has 8GB of RAM available).

These nodes are part of an hyperv cluster (win 2016 + s2d) with OpenStack Ocata deployed as a single node / single VM through RDO.

Due to some constraint, we have to run these environments altogether (non-OpenStack VMs -vs- OpenStack VMs). Therefore, deployment is a bit tricky as we have to load balance our VMs between our nodes in order to make sure the deployment is working as expected. We're also making sure there is still enough resources on one of our node to provide failover capacity (eg: N+1).


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Bump, anyone ? :)

Nebukazar gravatar imageNebukazar ( 2017-09-11 22:47:44 +0300 )edit

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answered 2017-09-11 23:05:00 +0300

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Well, first of all, quotas refer to the amount of resources a tenant / user is allowed to use, and they are set by admins, or users with admin roles in OpenStack. What you are refering to, is the amount of available resources.

And yes, this is a well known fact that nova-compute does not take into account the actual used resources when reporting the available resources to the nova-scheduler / placement API (it's not related to Hyper-V - nova only cares about what it's deployed through it).

Even so, there is a way to solve your resource allocation / scheduling issues.

You can set these config options in your compute nodes' nova.conf files:

reserved_host_disk_mb = ...
reserved_host_memory_mb = ...

For more details, see

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Claudiu Belu

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My apologies; I was indeed referring to resources, not quota :) Thanks for the answer! We'll take a further look at it. Cheers,

Nebukazar gravatar imageNebukazar ( 2017-09-12 04:37:36 +0300 )edit

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