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Fibre Channel support OpenStack on Hyper-v

asked 2015-01-27 16:53:53 +0300

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Is it possible to use Fibre Channel storage with Openstack on Hyper-v ? The "Openstack Configuration Regerence" is not very clear:

" Fibre Channel support in Compute Fibre Channel support in OpenStack Compute is remote block storage attached to compute nodes for VMs. In the Grizzly release, Fibre Channel supported only the KVM hypervisor. "

Any help is very much appreciated.


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answered 2015-02-04 19:52:52 +0300

alexpilotti gravatar image

We never released the support for FC upstream because unlike iSCSI or other storage solutions, it requires testing on dedicated hardware with non trivial differences among vendors.

At the moment we can provide support for FC on customer environments, but we won't submit it upstream until an environment for CI testing of the FC features will be available.

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