Network set to public with enabled firewall after deploy with 2012 R2

asked 2018-10-05 13:49:15 +0300

Hi I have a very small environment with 2 HyperV hosts (no openstack) and for which I use CloudBase Init for the customization of my images. I build the ISOs by script to provide all the hostname/IP info for the customization.

All works good so far with my Windows 2008 R2 images. Recently I have the need to deploy Windows 2012 R2. It works nicely except that the network interfaces are created as "Public" and the firewall is enabled after the IP address is set by CloudInit even though the firewall is disabled before I run the sysprep.

Is there any known parameter either in the conf files or in the metadata that I should set to force CloudInit to set a private interface and/or to NOT enable firewall.

Thanks for your help

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