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Windows Server 2016 Hostname and Password

asked 2021-04-01 14:00:08 +0300

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I'm trying to get cloudbase-init to work with my Windows Server 2016 template. Set hostname does not work and when following procedures in similar questions and get issue with password. I have followed the below steps:

Create Template:

When I follow the above link the password works but not the hostname.

I have followed and I have changed the unattended.xml as in and removed cloudbaseinit.plugins.common.sethostname.SetHostNamePlugin from cloudbase-init-unattend.conf but nothing of this works. When I do like this I don´t get a log for cloudbase-init-unattend.log.

Can you please advise?






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answered 2021-04-01 21:34:05 +0300

avladu gravatar image


From the cloudbase-init logs shared, cloudbase-init does not find the config drive that should be attached and should contain the required metadata. Please make sure that the VM creator middleware attaches the proper metadata disk to the VM.

Thank you,
Adrian Vladu

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Thank you Adrian, it was indeed the virtual CD-ROM that was disconnected. The metadata is now pushed to the config. However I decided to use PowerShell inside cloud-config to set the hostname as it fits my needs better. Cheers! /Martin

hoffmania gravatar imagehoffmania ( 2021-04-07 12:31:01 +0300 )edit

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