NetworkConfigPlugin fails with incomplete NetworkDetails Windows Server 2019

asked 2021-12-08 21:44:47 +0300

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We have been trying to configure static networking on a Windows 2019 image using the NoCloud service and are unable to determine what we are missing for this to work. We have tried several times to get a v2 network-config file in the config drive to work but it seems that is not working (NetworkConfigPlugin does nothing) so we have switched to using a Debian network interfaces format supplied in the meta-data which seems to work better but not completely. When we use the Debian network interfaces data supplied in meta-data the NetworkConfigPlugin does see the data but then fails to configure the interface due with an error stating that the network details are incomplete. Please see the logs below for more details. Can anyone tell me what is required for this to work? Would be nice if the error would state what required information is missing.

2021-12-08 17:48:58.281 780 INFO cloudbaseinit.init [-] Executing plugin 'NetworkConfigPlugin'
2021-12-08 17:48:58.296 780 INFO cloudbaseinit.utils.debiface [-] Parsing Debian config...
iface "Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter" inet static

2021-12-08 17:48:58.312 780 DEBUG cloudbaseinit.utils.debiface [-] Found new interface: {'name': None, 'mac': None, 'address': '', 'address6': None, 'netmask': '', 'netmask6': None, 'broadcast': '', 'gateway': '', 'gateway6': None, 'dnsnameservers': ['', '']} _add_nic C:\Program Files\Cloudbase Solutions\Cloudbase-Init\Python\lib\site-packages\cloudbaseinit\utils\
2021-12-08 17:48:58.312 780 DEBUG cloudbaseinit.utils.classloader [-] Loading class '' load_class C:\Program Files\Cloudbase Solutions\Cloudbase-Init\Python\lib\site-packages\cloudbaseinit\utils\
2021-12-08 17:48:58.546 780 ERROR cloudbaseinit.plugins.common.networkconfig [-] Incomplete NetworkDetails object NetworkDetails(name=None, mac=None, address='', address6=None, netmask='', netmask6=None, broadcast='', gateway='', gateway6=None, dnsnameservers=['', ''])
2021-12-08 17:48:58.578 780 WARNING cloudbaseinit.plugins.common.networkconfig [-] Missing details for adapter 52:54:00:87:45:1F
2021-12-08 17:48:58.578 780 ERROR cloudbaseinit.plugins.common.networkconfig [-] No adapters were configured
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