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Change Windows Language

asked 2022-10-04 13:01:17 +0300

ludovicelu gravatar image

updated 2022-10-04 13:56:54 +0300


i want to change language before the user login to his session. I created a LocalScripts with Powershell:

Set-WinSystemLocale fr-FR
Set-WinUserLanguageList fr-FR -Force

But unfortunatly it did nothing and language still in english. The script run well because i see it in log but no change. Maybe because the boot step is not ready to do this ?

I could do as first logon but force user to login to logoff just after is not a great experience.

If you have any tips ?

Thank, regards?

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answered 2022-10-05 13:05:42 +0300

avladu gravatar image


From the cmdlet description, you need to reboot the system: "Changes take effect after the computer is restarted". .

I suggest creating the image with the desired locale / language beforehand, if possible, otherwise you might require to add an extra reboot step. I suppose you already have installed the French variant from the begining?

Also, if you need a reboot and want to control the reboot from the local script, you can leverage the special exit codes (you need to make the local script idempotent in the sense that the local script code to request a reboot only if the local is not set to the desired one). .

Thank you,
Adrian Vladu

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