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How to use Cloudbase-init in lxc?

asked 2023-05-16 20:08:43 +0300

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Hello everyone,

I have a windows image baked with cloudbase-init. I created a profile in lxc which has user-data and meta-data using lxc sdk's in golang and started the VM. When I login to vm, I couldn't see user-data and meta-data under LocalScripts folder of Cloubase-init. Also, the user-data which I have provided was not executed during the pre-boot. Can you let me know the steps to make this work as expected? I would be great if you can provide an example of user-data to setup users and run powershell commands.

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answered 2023-06-19 13:11:55 +0300

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updated 2023-06-19 13:14:28 +0300


There might be an issue with the actual setup -- can you please add more information on how did you use lxc to create VMs and what is the content of the user-data/meta-data set up and how that metadata is delivered (via HTTP or config-drive attachment)?

As far as I know, lxc is a containerization sdk, but the underlying technology used might have diverged and maybe lxc sdk is now able to use libvirt and actually running qemu-kvm in order to be able to run Windows instances.

The examples on how to create users / run powershell commands are documented here .

Thank you.

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