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Coriolis setup- VMware to OLVM migration

asked 2024-07-11 12:50:55 +0300

We are considering purchasing licenses for this software, but I have encountered several problems at the start. We need to perform a migration from VMware to Oracle (OLVM). I have installed the coriolis-appliance-2403.0-rc0 version. The issues are as follows: 1. After installation, only the DHCP IP address assigned during deployment works. I edited the netplan (50-cloud-init.yaml) file, but the address did not change. The service restart was performed. 2. It is not possible to connect via SSH to the server. The prompt appears, but the root/coriolis login fails. 3. It is not possible to change the password for the UI. I modified the parameter "OS_PASSWORD=" and set my password, restarted the services, and rebooted the appliance. The console menu under option number 2 shows the password I entered, but the UI login still only works with the default password "pungent catchy reflex foothold mystify defame disagree lance." Additionally, a user I created cannot connect to the UI and receives an "invalid username/password" error. 4. Some configuration changes are needed as per the documentation "A few configuration settings are needed when using Oracle VM as a target cloud." > link but I cannot connect via SSH to the Coriolis appliance. 5. I downloaded the template for migration "link" but I cannot import it into OLVM v 4.5.4.-1.0.31el8 because it expects an OVA file.

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answered 2024-07-11 13:42:41 +0300

Chris gravatar image

Hi Dino,

I see you've also emailed us on this, let's continue the conversation in the email thread and assist you there.

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Thank you.

dinobcs gravatar imagedinobcs ( 2024-07-11 13:50:45 +0300 )edit

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