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Release or newer version of Open vSwitch on Hyper-V?

asked 2015-04-08 21:18:04 +0300

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I downloaded the installer from This is a beta release that looks like it is from May 2014. Is there a later beta release or an actual release available here or some other repository? I am having the same issue as what was posted on April 2 (1 week ago). Just wondering/

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answered 2015-04-20 21:21:51 +0300

aserdean gravatar image

updated 2015-04-20 21:23:28 +0300

This is the latest release: which is from 4/12/2015. The issue is caused by outdated documentation. The following lines:

ovs-vsctl.exe add-br br0

ovs-vsctl.exe add-port br0 external

are now

ovs-vsctl.exe add-br br0

ovs-vsctl.exe add-port br0 external.1

ovs-vsctl.exe add-port br0 internal

This will allow traffic through the external port of the vSwitch.

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