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set-up a juno Env. with neutron_ovs_agent, ovs on the hyper-v, and vxlan.

asked 2015-11-16 06:33:30 +0300

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Hi..everyone. I installed and configured 2 servers with Ubuntu14.04 as controller and network node with openstack juno released version. And I have 2 compute nodes with ubuntu14.04 as computer node. It uses vxlan mode with ovs. It is successfully working now. These days I tried to add 2 computer nodes with windows 2012 r2 server + hyper-v + ovs + neutronovsagent (juno version) + vxlan mode. I followed the blog document (, but i could not execute neutronovsagent.

In blog i found following sentence "Furthermore, support for Open vSwitch on OpenStack Hyper-V compute nodes is also available starting with Kilo!"

With juno version(cocntrol / network / compute nodes), is it possible to add 2 nodes with juno neutronovsagent, ovs and vxlan mod on windows 2012 r2 server + hyper-v? i have to use juno Env. Is there any good way to add compute nodes??

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answered 2015-11-16 10:32:30 +0300

Support for OVS neutron agent was added in Kilo, there is no support for Juno. There are a number of patches both on nova and on neutron that enable the neutron agent to work on Hyper-V compute nodes, backporting those to your Juno env is not a trivial task.

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