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2016-10-18 23:27:34 +0300 answered a question windows image on kilo

Ok. after a bunch of poking around, I now have the virtual server booting. I can get it to run with a 1GB RAM allocation.

Thanks. --p

2016-10-17 21:33:47 +0300 asked a question windows image on kilo

Am attempting to launch the Windows 2012 R2 eval in a Kilo devstack environment. VM launches, but immediately goes into a "ShutOff" state. No errors in the log or console as far as I can tell. The log seems to be empty. There is enough RAM (4GB), enough disk (40GB). Cannot figure out where the error is.

Here is what horizon reports for the VM: Instance Overview Information

Name win2 ID e52bbf17-66f2-408a-802a-d8bc08392d09 Status Shutoff Availability Zone nova Created Oct. 17, 2016, 6:01 p.m. Time Since Created 27 minutes Host sltxt Specs

Flavor m1.medium Flavor ID 3 RAM 4GB VCPUs 2 VCPU Disk 40GB IP Addresses

Private, Security Groups

default ALLOW 22:22 from ALLOW -1:-1 from Metadata

Key Name XXXX Image Name MS2012R2 Volumes Attached

Volume No volumes attached.