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Yes, I used the mitaka installer found here

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Hi, Thank you for your answer.

Both controller and hyper-v node is synced to same ntp time source and they have the same time. I suppose both neutron and nova would stop aswell if the time were not synced? neutron and nova works fine. If i wireshark on the rabbitMQ traffic on hyperv i can see there is connection but when i create a volume there is no indication that a new volume should be created. but if i tcpdump on the controller i see alot of thing going on to the rabbitMQ.

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Forgot to mention that i use Mitaka release of controller and storage driver.

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Hi everyone,

I have a controller based on Ubuntu 14.04 and one windows 2016 with hyper-v which is compute and storage. I am trying to get the SMB driver to work but I get to a point where there are no errors but still do not work. I have installed the driver to my hyper-v node and created a share. I have verified that the share is accessible from my controller node by mounting the share on the controller. if I do a cinder service-list on my controller I can see that I have a cinder volume on my hyper-v and it is up and running together with a cinder-scheduler on the controller. Now to my errors. If I type “cinder create 1” on the controller or try to create a volume from horizon the volume gets stuck at creating. There is not log at all on the controllers cinder-scheduler.log nor on the hyper-v cinder log. Cinder-api.log on controller has some logs that all is successful (no errors or warnings). And there is a new entry in the cinder mysql database. I have tried to restart the services many times. If I restart the smb driver it notices that there is a volume stuck at creating so it sets it to error. If I change that do deleting smb driver will delete it at next restart. If I in horizon create a new Volume type with correct volume backend name it behaves the exact same way. However, if I create a false one and creates a volume to it i get errors directly and I get logs in the cinder-scheduler.log on the controller.

What am I missing to get this working?