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Hi Stefan,

This is related to Nova, where the Nova core team does not like a clustering approach at the host level, mostly due to conflicting instance scheduling between Nova and the an underlying management / clustering solution like Windows Clustering or SCVMM. VMWare needed it as features like live migration (vMotion) are dependent on vSphere, but it was an exception (which still generates debates in the community). On the other side the free Hyper-V host is feature complete from an OpenStack perspective, so there's no way to push clustering as a way to have improved feature parity upstream.

Said that, we receive a lot of request for support for Windows clustering (SCVMM is not even needed for that) since it's a requirement for most enterprise applications. As a result we do have a Nova driver with clustering support that we plan to release in the short term, most probably as part of our downstream offer. please send us an email if you are interested in this solution.