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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the well written report, and using OVS on Windows!

I will try to answer the best I can:

  1. To put it simple no. The only setting that should be changed is MTU in the vNIC but that is handled by the dhcp server(it should be automated).

  2. No. The only thing that could maybe cause a problem is a flow that is denying the TCP connection, but since you get a RST it shouldn't be the case.

  3. I think this is the cause of the problem. Maybe you could try to set up a netcat server before and after HAproxy to see what happens when you send packets from the Windows side. I have no idea what version you are running, but I remember a talk with a friend, not long ago, which had to downgrade the version because they implemented a feature for RST attacks which wasn't fully polished yet.

  4. Besides what I said above (if it is still debatable) maybe try eliminating HAproxy to see if your issues disappear and after try adding it back.

Thanks, Alin.