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My first impression is that you did not configure the Neutron controller to use a hyperv mechanism_driver. Newer OpenStack releases will not launch instances if the neutron ports were not bound to a host. To see how to configure your Neutron controller properly, please see [1].

And a few details on how the Neutron Hyper-V Agent works: it listens for newly created VMs and vNICs, asks Neutron for binding details about them (via RPC), binds them (connect to vSwitch, set VLAN if needed, sets up security groups, if needed), reports to Neutron that the port was bound via RPC.

If the Neutron Controller couldn't determine whether a host can bind a neutron port (e.g.: it wasn't configured to use the hyperv mechanism driver), Neutron will not give the Neutron Hyper-V Agent any details about the port, hence, won't be bound.


Best regards, Claudiu Belu