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This is might not directly answer your question, but regarding the "unreachable network error", the symptoms you're describing sound like the VM's neutron ports were bound after the VM started.

There is a feature in nova, which basically makes nova-compute wait for Neutron vif plug events before starting the VMs. This ensures that the VMs neutron ports and security groups are already processed and bound, ensuring that the VM will have network connectivity. The config option is called vif_plugging_timeout [1]. There is also a config option calledvif_plugging_is_fatal, which will cause the VM to fail to spawn on a host, if the Neutron vif plug events did not occur during the vif_plugging_is_fatal period.

We've introduced this feature into compute-hyperv in Mitaka.

What OpenStack version are you using? What hypervisor are you using?


Best regards,

Claudiu Belu