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Hi aserdean,

It seems working right now, what I did remove cloudbase-related software by uninstalling

HyperVNovaCompute_Newton 14.0.1 and openvswitch hyperv 2.5.1 certified

And stop/remove the running service (neutron-ovs-agent) and stop/disable neutron-hyperv-agent. Then remove the Hyper-V (as this is Microsoft :-) ).

After boot-up, install back the HyperVNovaCompute and openvswitch but this case using 2.6.1 do the steps on the article, add per your your solution ofinterface & ovsdbinterface and change the VM Switch extension to (take note of Cloudbase):

Get-VMSwitchExtension -VMSwitchName vSwitch -Name "Cloudbase Open vSwitch Extension"
Enable-VMSwitchExtension -VMSwitchName vSwitch -Name "Cloudbase Open vSwitch Extension"

As per checking on the logs, it seems on the first run br-int is created but it will stop suddenly the neutron-ovs-agent service. Solution is to rerun it or reboot on my case which then automatically created those bridges/ports br-tun, patch-int, xvlan-* et al after reboot.

My controller now is happy and able to see the Hyper-V Open vSwitch agent and Hyper-v nova-compute.

Thanks a heap, MBC