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We are planning to release a full blog post on how to setup and what is new in 2.6. We plan to add also a video on how to set up OpenStack with OVS on Hyper-V.

Regarding the setup that you need for 2.6(if you plan on installing it at the moment), it is mostly the same as described in the 2.5 blog post, but with a few changes. Here are few changes that you will need:

  • Get-VMSwitchExtension -VMSwitchName vSwitch -Name "Open vSwitch Extension"


  • Get-VMSwitchExtension -VMSwitchName vSwitch -Name "Cloudbase Open vSwitch Extension"


  • Enable-VMSwitchExtension -VMSwitchName vSwitch -Name "Open vSwitch Extension"


  • Enable-VMSwitchExtension -VMSwitchName vSwitch -Name "Cloudbase Open vSwitch Extension"

and for the neutronovsagent.conf (for OpenStack deployment above Mitaka) you will need the following lines:

of_interface = ovs-ofctl
ovsdb_interface = vsctl

We added an experimental OVN under the installer, bug fixes, support for conntracking actions was added, GENEVE support was added, etc. Feel free to ask any questions.