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Lets get some more info on the situation first.

Please add the output of the following commands:

On the windows machine you ran the script on:

net use

If the MaaS samba share is not there, lets try to add it and copy over some files again:

# The samba share on the MaaS server should be named reminst
New-SmbMapping -RemotePath \\<MAAS IP>\reminst -LocalPath X:

you should now be able to see a new drive letter called X. Lets try to write something there:

echo testing > X:\test.txt

NOTE: it is not necessary to add a SMB mapping for this to work. UNC path names should be enough. We do this for debug purposes only.

On your MaaS VM:

Lets see if the file is on the MaaS node:

ls /var/lib/maas/samba

You should see a test.txt. If the file is there, you should be able to copy over the WinPE files using:

CopyImageToMaaS.ps1 -TargetPath X:\

Please take note, that MaaS expects one of the following folder names to be present in /var/lib/maas/samba:


Also, if you have not already done so, please read the guide at: