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Thanks a lot for the detailed and insightful information.

As I mentioned above, the main problem is with the Virtual adapter mapping to the instances by the hyper-V Compute. How do we mention the VLAN numbers at the Hyper-V Compute end at the installation time/in the local configuration at Hyper-V end(From the controller end we anyway have section to mention the ranges in local.conf).

For my problem, the adapter association problem got resolved by creating the Virtual adapter using the Hyper-V Network Manager with the VLAN association already done before the installation and selecting the adapter while installing instead of choosing to create one during installation.

Now everything is working fine with the Hyper-V compute end also. But, only problem I have now is related to Compute resources. Sometime instance creations are failing saying that no valid host are found even when there are 5-6 VCPUs and 4-5 GB RAM free also. Not sure if there is some configuration needs to be done at the Hyper-V compute end. Another problem is that even after deleting the instances and the console also showing all the compute resource free, instance creations failing with the same message. When I restart everything at the Hyper-V compute side, things are working normally. But, the same problem is repeating in case of instance deletions and creations.

Is there any specific cleanup settings to have the proper cleanup to be done either at the Hyper-V compute end (or) Devstack controller end.

Thanks & Regards Chandra