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Recent Cinder MSIs (ocata included) allow you to deploy Cinder Volume using the SMB driver, which will work out of the box if configured correctly, without any changes on the controller side.

The Cinder SMB driver expects the passed shares to have the following form: //shareaddress/sharename. The MSI will translate the backslashes to slashes for you. Also, administrative shares, such as \hostaddr\c$\path should not be used, nor should local paths, such as c:\path\to\volumes.

Since you're using S2D, I suggest configuring a scale-out file server role (SOFS) [1]. Having such a role configured, you can then share a subfolder residing on the CSV you want to use for storing volume images. The resulted share should then be passed to cinder (either via the msi or the smb share list file). Note that you should use the SOFS name as share address instead of a certain hostname or ip.

As a further note, Nova and Cinder will "resolve" the share addresses, using the CSV path directly, if part of the failover cluster. Nodes outside the cluster may still be able to access the volumes using the SOFS share address.


Please let me know if you have further questions.

Regards, Lucian Petrut