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Thanks to both of you for answering.

I'm running pike.

I have run the discoverhosts command but it seems I was also suffering from another problem. The windows nova installation has a typo and has admin tenant project as "service" instead of "services" so I fixed that typo and i have progressed. Now I see that it at least starts to create the VM but fails. Now I am getting the PortBindingFailed exception even after installing the OVS agent on the host.

I choose to make a new virtual switch during the installer, but I don't see it anywhere at least under network config.

There is a hyper-v vswitch on the machine already , and this is how we communicate with the host. If I enable the OVS extension on this vswitch then I loose all connectivity to the machine and cannot remote desktop to it.

If I make a new v-switch from the hyper-v manager and enable the ovs extensions it works, but I still get the port binding failure.

My network types are all "Flat"

Please forgive my ignorance here, I am rather new to openstack after only playing with devstack a few times years ago.

advice is much appreciated, thanks!