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Hello, Hyper-V also supports flat networking, but that's not the point.

From what I can see, you have defined mechanism_drivers twice in your ml2conf.ini file.

If you run Get-VMNetworkAdapter, what does it specify at the SwitchName? If it is blank, it means the neutron agent on the compute node did not bind the instance's Network Adapter to the VSwitch properly. The neutron logs would be useful: C:\OpenStack\Logs\neutron-hyper-v-agent.log

Now, if the Instance Network Adapter did not bind properly, it could also mean that neutron server could not do the proper binding. You should check the status of the neutron port this way:

nova show your_instance # get the assigned IP

neutron port-list | grep THEASSIGNEDINSTANCE_IP # get the port ID

neutron port-show PORT_ID

Neutron should have properly binded this port, you should see the status ACTIVE, binding:viftype hyperv and binding:hostid yourhypervhost

If it isn't so, it means that neutron failed to bind the neutron port to the Hyper-V host, which will mean that neutron-hyperv-agent will fail to get the details necessary to connect your instance to the VSwitch( including VLAN).

Then, a few steps would be helpful, to know how to proceed further.

neutron agent-list # is the neutron-hyperv-agent alive?

Also, the logs for for q-agt would be helpful, if there are any warning / errors in binding the neutron port to Hyper-V.

Let me know if anything helped and please post any other information I asked for in this response, so we can figure it out together. :-)

Best regards, Claudiu Belu