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The "WindowsLicensingPlugin" does not have the option to configure it at boot time with a serial key.

You can use the custom script (OpenStack feature) feature to send in a script with the code to license the Windows vm at boot time and that will be executed by Cloudbase-init. But by doing that you will expose the serial key in the metadata which can be accessed by everyone who uses the machine.

Cloudbase-Init has the feature the feature of using the KMS and AVMA known keys, is properly set (but in this case you require a KMS server to be existent in your environment or an AVMA compliant Microsoft subscription. More info here:
Cloudbase-Init example configuration:


Another common workflow is to pre-activate the image on creation using a MAK (Multiple Activation Key). More info here:
You can achieve this by using the image creation tool:

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Adrian Vladu