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Hi. I am able to start cloudbase init on windows 2012 instance and try out different cloudbase init features. But, few challenges I am facing. 1. I want to run one batch file using cloudbase init Userdata plugin. This batch file is present inside my instance. How do I run this batch file specifying details in cloud config script? Tried something like this: runcmd <path of="" batch="" file="" in="" image="">\test.bat

This doesn't work. How do I achieve this?

  1. I want to create a custom Windows 2012 R2 image with cloudbase init enabled using custom cloud config files. Which preexisting template to use? Can you provide more details on how to achieve this using I can do this manually but my requirement is to achieve the same via code or azure cli.

  2. I want to use cloudbase init password plugin to set some random password. But, the challenge is how do I retrieve this password. Azure doesn't provide any APIs to retrieve this password.

Waiting for your reply on above questions.