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Well, the first warning, regarding the Device Netzwerkkarte shouldn't be a concern. From what I can tell, the virtual machine having a Network Adapter with such a name was not created by OpenStack, meaning it will not be managed by neutron (hence, it is not in the database). All virtual machines created by OpenStack will have Network Adapters having UUIDs as names, similar to your 3cb436be-30af-47f1-b0fb-fd88e6afeaca.

As for the second warning, there could be a couple of things which could generate it. For example, executing this command

neutron port-show 3cb436be-30af-47f1-b0fb-fd88e6afeaca

will probably yield binding:vif_details = binding_failed or something similar.

This can mean one of a couple of things:

  1. The Neutron Hyper-V Agent is down. Check its state by running:

    neutron agent-list

    The agent should be alive (or :-)) for the ports to be bound. If the agent is down, please check the logs in your Hyper-V node: C:\OpenStack\Logs\neutron.log

  2. You didn't add the Hyper-V Mechanism to ml2_conf.ini. Make sure that your Networking Node, hosting neutron has this in the file: /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini``:

    tenant_network_types = vlan
    type_drivers = local,flat,vlan,gre,vxlan
    mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,hyperv

    Any changes to this file will require the q-svc / q-agt services to be restarted, in order to take effect.

    Hyper-V supports VLAN, flat and local as tenantnetworktypes. Also, you can have any other mechanism_drivers in the list.

  3. Some error in the Hyper-V Neutron Agent, but highly unlikely, since the port would still be bound. But, if it is the case, please provide the neutron log file from your Hyper-V node.

Let me know if this helps, or if further investigation is required. :)

Best regards,

Claudiu Belu