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I also have questions about this windows build of FreeRDP.

  1. It doesn't run under 32-bit Windows XP at all, fails with "GetTickCount64 entry point could not be found in KERNEL32.dll". I thought maybe it's 64-bit binary and tested on Win8 x64, but it works there, and it's 32-bit exe. But it calls a function only found on 64-bit systems? I'm confused. Anyway, I just found this: "Windows Vista or newer. It does neither build nor run on XP." I'm not sure what a required component missing in WinXP is though.

  2. Regarding console output. Yes, this is weird with wFreeRDP. I guess they did something to hide standard console output, so that running normally wouldn't produce extra console windows. Problem is when we need that output, like looking up options and whatnot. One way of getting to it is via console redirection. "wfreerdp /help > help.txt" works. They also removed support for old style syntax, apparently, so "wfreerdp <host>" is now "wfreerdp /v:<host>" and so on, look up the new syntax.

  3. On one system where I've tried it so far and it works when connected to our main rdp server, colors are wrong. I've read about similar problems with freerdp on some linuxes where desktop wasn't running at 24/32 bits, but now it's windows->windows and we have the same problem.