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To avoid some confusion, can you elaborate on what are you trying to achieve here (I mean, what is your goal)?

By default, if you install Cloudbase-Init using the installer, at the first run (during specialize step from sysprep), cloudbase-init is running using the cloudbase-init-unattend.conf. After the reboot controlled by sysprep, cloudbase-init runs under the service with the same name, using cloudbase-init.conf file. In the cloudbase-init conf file you can set the desired plugins to be run.

My assumption here (please correct me if I am wrong) is that you are trying to use the cloud-config user data format and try to create multiple users using that feature. If that is the case, you need to set in the enabled config list:

If this is not the case, please share the cloudbase-init logs and the config files, so that I can try to reproduce the issue.

Thank you,
Adrian Vladu