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Hello, and thank you for your question!

During OpenStack endpoint validation, the Coriolis installation will attempt to login using the OpenStack user credentials you have given Coriolis to ensure that Migration/Replica operations can be performed.

The actual login call comes from the Coriolis Worker Service (which resides in the "coriolis-worker" Docker container, in case you're using an All-in-One Coriolis installation).

Thusly, I'd like to request that you:

  • ensure that the Worker Service of your Coriolis installation has network access to all of the API endpoints of the core services (Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, and Cinder) of your OpenStack installation
  • if there are any restrictions on which service interfaces (Public, Admin or Internal) or OpenStack Regions are accessible from the Coriolis installation, please double-check the Interface and Region-related parameters which can be found under the "Advanced" tab when creating an OpenStack Endpoint,
  • if the error persists, please inspect the Worker Service logs by either:
    • downloading them from the "Logs" section of the Coriolis Web User Interface
    • fetching them from the Coriolis installation itself (found under "/var/log/coriolis/coriolis-worker.log" on the Coriolis installation)

If you could provide the log sample with the pertinent error trace we could gladly review it for you. NOTE: please remember to scrub any information perceived as sensitive from the log sample before sharing it.

Much obliged, Nashwan.