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Hi there, I was hoping to be able to deploy physical servers as well as virtual ones. I got pretty far with the tutorial here: until i got to here :

"maas root boot-resources create name=windows/win2012r2 architecture=amd64/generic filetype=ddtgz content@=/home/maasctrl/windows-win2012r2-amd64-root-dd"

That file is missing, and not mentioned anywhere else in the tutorial Im confused how to get it from the adk-tools-maas. I figured the process from adk-tools-maas should have built an image, and I found a large 3.4 GB .wim image in a C:\winpe subfolder. I copied that onto MAAS and tried that command using the image. It aborted at 58 % with a postgres error. What would I need to do in order to get MAAS to be able to PXE boot a Windows host? Thank you for you guides so far, very helpful.