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We set up the environment consisting in: - linux SLES 11 with - 1 hyperv node Windows Server 2012 R2 with the 2014.1 Icehouse release

We issued the following nova command to boot a vm:

nova boot --image cfa95750-e6d5-4af5-94e0-838a42ea8f33 --flavor m1.tiny --key_name demo-key --security-groups default --nic net-id=c5598cd4-1c12-4baf-a60e-db0bd63ee040  --nic net-id=c5598cd4-1c12-4baf-a60e-db0bd63ee04 vm

Neutron has been configured using the ml2 plugin.

On hyperv everything is ok here is the vlan configuration:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-VMNetworkAdapterVlan instance-00000067

VMName VMNetworkAdapterName Mode VlanList ------ -------------------- ---- -------- instance-00000067 256d2bb3-85cb-41fa-ac3e-d7c837090528 Access 504 instance-00000067 619b258b-3b68-427f-b121-949d30004f7e Access 505

Could you please share your configuration to see what are the differences?