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Hi Claudiu,

Thank you for the reply. I made the modifications suggested by you. After creating bridges and adding ports to it.

Result of ovs-vsctl show:

root@ubuntu:~# ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge br-int
       Port br-int
         Interface br-int
           type: internal
       Port "tapcff79286-48"
         tag: 4095
         Interface "tapcff79286-48"
           type: internal
    Bridge "br-eth1"
       Port "eth1"
         Interface "eth1"
       Port "br-eth1"
         Interface "br-eth1"
           type: internal
     Bridge "br-eth0"
       Port "eth0"
        Interface "eth0"
       Port "br-eth0"
        Interface "br-eth0"
         type: internal
     ovs_version: "2.0.2"

I booted new instance. It is in active state but Ip is not assigned to it.

Result of neutron port-show  59bb1389-d592-4993-9681-7d92384744f3 :

  Field | Value |
   | admin_state_up  | True|
   | binding:host_id | WIN-IT50CNS6R6V |
   | binding:vif_type | binding_failed |
   | binding:vnic_type | normal |
   | status | DOWN |

We are using Openstack Icehouse release.

Please suggest any solution.