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When a live migration is performed, the destination host will initialize the connection to all the volumes connected to the instance. Cinder plays a role in this process, ensuring that the volume can be accessed by the destination host, providing the relevant connection information. In this case, Cinder will attempt to open the image to retrieve the format.

Now, this seems to cause your issue. It appears that in some environments, the access mask is not handled properly and we are unable to open in-use images. The good news is that I've just sent a fix for this: (os-win, used by Cinder M) (downstream Cinder Liberty repo)

Unfortunately, the Cinder policy related to backports would not allow us to send this fix on the upstream Libery branch as they only accept backporting security bug fixes. Anyway, you can use our downstream repo provided above.

Please let me know if this fixes your issue. We'll provide an updated MSI soon.

Regards, Luci