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could not get the first msvm_virtualethernetswitchsettingdata object

asked 2016-09-18 11:56:41 +0300

vklonghml gravatar image

updated 2016-09-18 15:53:57 +0300

hi forums, i followed this guidance, and when execute command "ovs-vsctl.exe add-br br-port1", encouter a problem ovs-vsctl: Error detected while setting up 'br-port1'. See ovs-vswitchd log for details. And the log in ovs-vswitchd as follows:

2016-09-18T08:20:00.598Z|00003|reconnect|INFO|unix:C:\ProgramData\openvswitch\db.sock: connected 2016-09-18T08:20:00.618Z|00004|bridge|INFO|ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch)

ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath supports recirculation

ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: MPLS label stack length probed as 3

ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: datapath does not support masked set action feature.

ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support unique flow ids

ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctstate

ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctzone

ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctmark

ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctlabel

wmi|WARN|Could not get the first Msvm_VirtualEthernetSwitchSettingData object

wmi|WARN|Could not find HRESULT description for: 0. dpif_netlink|ERR|Could not create wmi internal port with name:br-port1

bridge|INFO|bridge br-port1: using datapath ID 00008ad3035a4146

connmgr|INFO|br-port1: added service controller "punix:C:\ProgramData\openvswitch\/br-port1.mgmt"

and i followed the, but it also failed, dows anybody know the problem, thank you in advence

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I met the same problem. Had you resolved it?

xdreamer gravatar imagexdreamer ( 2016-10-26 12:20:38 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-11-09 16:01:42 +0300

aserdean gravatar image

updated 2016-12-07 16:57:56 +0300

This issue has been solved in versions and

We added support for locales different from en-US.



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