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A problem about openvswitch 2.5 :Add an bridge error

asked 2016-10-26 11:46:52 +0300

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I'm following the blog post from

When I execute the command "ovs-vsctl add-br br-port1". The output message is:“ovs-vsctl: cannot create a bridge named br-port1 because a bridge named br-port1 already exists”

And I followed the "", but it also failed.

Can you give me some advices? And what should I do?

The ovs-vswitchd.log as follows: 2016-10-26T07:59:57.989Z|00024|ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: datapath does not support masked set action feature. 2016-10-26T07:59:57.989Z|00025|ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support unique flow ids 2016-10-26T07:59:57.989Z|00026|ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctstate 2016-10-26T07:59:57.989Z|00027|ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctzone 2016-10-26T07:59:57.989Z|00028|ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctmark 2016-10-26T07:59:57.989Z|00029|ofprotodpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath does not support ctlabel 2016-10-26T07:59:58.092Z|00030|wmi|WARN|Could not get the first MsvmVirtualEthernetSwitchSettingData object 2016-10-26T07:59:58.093Z|00031|wmi|WARN|Could not find HRESULT description for: 0. 2016-10-26T07:59:58.093Z|00032|dpifnetlink|ERR|Could not create wmi internal port with name:br-port1 2016-10-26T07:59:58.094Z|00033|bridge|INFO|bridge br-port1: using datapath ID 00000698b1489b47 2016-10-26T07:59:58.094Z|00034|connmgr|INFO|br-port1: added service controller "punix:C:\ProgramData\openvswitch\/br-port1.mgmt"

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answered 2016-10-28 15:40:05 +0300

aserdean gravatar image

updated 2016-12-07 17:09:44 +0300


Could you please post the following command outputs from an elevated powershell:



get-vmwitch *

get-vmwitchswitchextension *

ovs-vsctl show

UPDATE: This issue has been solved in versions and We added support for locales different from en-US.



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xdreamer gravatar imagexdreamer ( 2016-11-03 03:38:29 +0300 )edit

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