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How to verify if Nova-compute installed successfully on Windows server 2012

asked 2014-12-08 10:06:25 +0300

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I have installed Nova-compute on my Windows server 2012 for Juno(2014.2) using beta installer , on which Hyper-v role is already enabled.

But now how to run those nova-* commands supported by OpenStack here? Even how to verify if it is installed successfully or not?

Thanks in advance!

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Note: the beta installer is meant for vNext (Kilo ATM) development, so you should use the corresponding version installer, 2014.2 in this case.

alexpilotti gravatar imagealexpilotti ( 2014-12-09 18:57:20 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-12-08 19:09:08 +0300

alexpilotti gravatar image

Beside checking if the Nova service is ok as pointed out by Adrian, you should also check if the Neutron agent is active:

nova service-list
neutron agent-list

After validating the services, you can also run a minimum scenario Tempest test to make sure everything is ok, e.g.:

testr run tempest.scenario.test_minimum_basic.TestMinimumBasicScenario.test_minimum_basic_scenario
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answered 2014-12-08 16:16:21 +0300

ader1990 gravatar image


You can issue a "nova service-list" command in your controller node or where you have the nova-python-client installed and configured to connect to the OpenStack keystone endpoint.

The hostname of the windows compute node should appear in the ouptut with the state property as "up". To further debug and check the status of the service, you can check the logs: C:\Openstack\Log\nova-compute.log

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