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Windows 10 Image First install and RDP

asked 2017-07-27 19:06:27 +0300

prophecy408 gravatar image

Once the installation of a Windows 10 image is installed into the machine and we try to RDP into the machine we always get the error "The credentials are correct, but the host cannot log you on for another reason. Please check if your password has expired or contact your system administrator for assistance" We tried hardcoding the password into the user and it still doesn't work. It looks like RDP starts to work after we login to the machine locally. How do we set this up so that the image doesn't require the first logon and be able to RDP once the image is installed.

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answered 2017-07-27 19:26:59 +0300

avladu gravatar image


Are you using the to generate the image?

Thank you,
Adrian Vladu

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prophecy408 gravatar imageprophecy408 ( 2017-07-27 19:52:22 +0300 )edit

Is this happening after the image generation has completed successfully and you spawned it on an OpenStack environment?

avladu gravatar imageavladu ( 2017-07-27 19:54:51 +0300 )edit

After we spawn it in the openstack enviroment. It looks like if we generate the keypair for the admin account we can RDP with that account, but we would like the users that we created to be able to RDP after spawning so we can avoid generating a keypair every time we spawn the instance.

prophecy408 gravatar imageprophecy408 ( 2017-07-27 20:07:58 +0300 )edit

If you generate the image using the imaging tools, you are required to use a keypair in order to retrieve the Admin's account password. After sysprep is performed, the image is generalized and you might not be able to connect with the same credentials. What are the extra steps that you perform?

avladu gravatar imageavladu ( 2017-07-27 20:26:18 +0300 )edit

So we set the script to create 2 addition user aside from the Administrator account. So when we spawn the instance in Openstack there are 3 total users. I know we have to retrieve the password for the admin account, but we hardcoded a password on two addition Users that we created.

prophecy408 gravatar imageprophecy408 ( 2017-07-27 20:32:23 +0300 )edit

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