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Random password is set but not published to metadata

asked 2019-06-13 05:32:05 +0300

jghal gravatar image

I have Cloudbase-Init 0.9.11 installed, and am using VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 (OpenStack Queens). My configuration files are posted here

I can see in the log file that the password is being set, which is confirmed by me not being able to login with the password set for the local user in the OS install autounattend.xml. But it seems the password is not being encrypted with the public key and set in the metadata service, as the OpenStack dashboard's function to retrieve password says it hasn't been set yet. Querying metadata service from the VM itself should the password be at, or somewhere in (it's currently not in either).

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also the `nova get-password` command return an no output

jghal gravatar imagejghal ( 2019-06-13 05:38:08 +0300 )edit

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answered 2019-06-13 17:12:31 +0300

jghal gravatar image

After more carefully reading the docs, I see I'm missing the SetUserPasswordPlugin in my configuration. After adding that it's working.

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