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Can coriolis migrate from straight baremetal virtual machine to openstack?

asked 2020-10-12 22:09:15 +0300

kn4078 gravatar image

Can coriolis migrate from straight baremetal virtual machine to openstack?

Can a baremetal machine be migrated to openstack? Can a virtual machine with the underline infrastructure unknown be migrated to openstack?


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answered 2020-11-05 17:37:55 +0300

Nashwan Azhari gravatar image

updated 2020-11-05 18:06:10 +0300

Hello, and thank you for your inquiry!

Coriolis can only currently migrate/perform DR between platforms which offer some degree of IaaS-level features. (such as OpenStack, VMWare vSphere or standalone ESXi host(s), Azure, AWS, or so on)

This is due to the fact that Coriolis treats VMs as black boxes (i.e. you do not need to grant Coriolis direct access to your machines) and relies on APIs from the underlying platform to determine the VM's state and export its persistent storage.

In order to operate on bare-metal servers (or any other machine where the underlying platform is nonexistent/bypassed), the only option would be for a Coriolis user-agent to be installed within the guest operating system and perform the data exports from within it, which is something not currently available, although it is planned.

If these added requirements are something which your usecase would allow for, please shoot us an e-mail at to see how we could help you.

Much obliged, Nashwan.

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