hyper-v installation on windows server 2019

asked 2021-04-28 20:24:04 +0300

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Hey team,

I am doing PoC with openstack victoria and cloudbase's hyper-v openstack driver to see if I can get live VM migration working. After I installed hyper-v openstack driver on windows server 2019 datacenter edition, my network card got disconnected and I am not able to see it in ipconfig command as well. Can you please suggest me to whom I can report this issue if this is not the correct medium to report issues?

Also, the controller is installed on a VM running with ubuntu 20.04 and victoria release of openstack. Can you help me how I can set things up between controller and compute(apart from the usual steps that come while installation of hyper-V driver)

Looking forward to hearing back from you asap. Regards Amit

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