In openstack have some trouble about hyper-v node instance resize.

asked 2015-05-13 07:31:30 +0300

JYH gravatar image

I have some trouble in resize hyper-v instance. controller node server : ubuntu 14.04 hyperv node server : win 2012 datacenter

[controller process] root@controller:/var/log/nova# nova resize --poll server2 3e6eb150-0e65-4eb2-9c8f-b4ab9a27d26b

Server resizing... 0% complete Error resizing server ERROR (InstanceInErrorState): Cannot access "\{}\C$\OpenStack", make sure the path exists and that you have the proper permissions. In particular Nova-Compute must not be executed with the builtin SYSTEM account or other accounts unable to authenticate on a remote host

Can i solve it? email :

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