Unknown device Windows 2012 on OpenStack

asked 2015-02-26 19:05:57 +0300

TimK gravatar image

When using the OpenStack Windows Server 2012 R2 Evaluation as well as creating my own qcow2 with the PowerShell scripts I have an unknown device on the system. Here is some information i can pull off (there is other info but these seem to be the most pertinent) of the device in Device Manager.

  • Location: on Intel 82371SB PCI to ISA bridge
  • Device Instance Path: ACPI\QEMU0001\4&3B4F7DA4&0

I haven't been able to find anything yet to help me identify what driver(s) are missing or exactly what type of device this is complaining about. I don't manage the OpenStack environment so I'm not sure of the hardware behind the scenes but could probably find out. Anyone have a similar problem with a resolution?

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