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How to define custom frequencies for cloudbase-init plugins individually

asked 2022-04-24 11:24:43 +0300

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updated 2022-05-19 13:21:40 +0300

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Hello there!

We are building a service to become a cloud provider. To this end, we don't want to use services which are dependent on meta-data services provided by Openstack and etc. Our goal is to replicate cloud-init functionality (which we use for our Liunux VMs) as much as possible. We're having trouble with replicating the "frequency" feature of cloud-init modules for Windows VMs which use cloudbase-init. We are currently changing each Windows VM's "instance-id" to replicate frequency which is very cumbersome.

How can we resolve this issue? We need to customize frequency on an independent and per-module basis. My initial understanding is that cloudbase-init aims to be very similar to cloud-init in terms of functionality; "frequency" with cloudbase-init is much more difficult than cloud-init.

Regarding the project's roadmap, is a frequency feature in the works for future releases? cloudbase-init seems lacking in this regard when compared to cloud-init.


I am using cloudbase-init for my use case. As We are providing personal cloud solution, so We can't use any cloud providers such Openstack, Azure,...

So, in order to user cloudbase-init for our custom solution, I'm using NoCloudConfigDrive metadata service. But unfortunately this metadata service supports only instance-id , hostname and executing user-data that is not enough for me in my use case.

I could resolve my issues with using user-data capabilities, such create user, set password, .... But all of these capabilities in user-data will execute together and I not found any way to execute specific parts of user-data lonely, without changing in instance-id value.

Is this possible for you to provide more options in meta-data file for NoCloudConfigDrive such as create user, set password and ... that their execution process must be apart of each other? So I will be able to manage these options with plugins that use meta-data information.

And one of my other problems is that cloudbase-init executes its plugins that are related to meta-data per instance-id. Or if I don't provide instance-id to my VMs, that it is not in my goals, all of the plugins will re-execute per instance boot.

I want to act with these plugins that some of them should execute per instance and some of them should execute per boot. Is it possible?

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answered 2022-05-19 13:19:39 +0300

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Currently, there is no per-boot / per-instance flag that can be used for the common plugins. There is though the flexibility of user-data/loca-scripts exit codes, that can mimic the functionality in most of the scenarios required.

We can have a better discussion on to get a more detailed requirement / scenarios on how it can / should be implemented. I am aware that cloud-init has such a feature, but the architecture of cloudbase-init is a little bit different and this feature needs to be adapted.

Thank you.

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