where can i save user-data and meta-data files inside windows for nocloud datasource

asked 2022-05-19 11:32:17 +0300

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updated 2022-05-20 15:13:06 +0300

Currently for our project, this is the way we use cloud-init to initialize Linux VPS using nocloud data source:

Firstly, we mount the partitions of the VPS on the host system, then we simply create the user-data and meta-data files on the VPS filesystem and save both of them on this path /mounted/path/on/host/var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud/. After saving the file, we unount the VPS partitions from the host system and then reboot the VPS, now cloudinit initializes the VPS according to the metadata and the user-data config. This way we achieve the VPS initialization.

Is there any way we can do the same with the windows VPS.

We do this way, i know this is not the best way to initialize VPS, but this is more convenient with respect to our existing code.

So my question was is there any specific path in the windows to save the user-data and meta-data files? Are the per-boot scripts supported with cloudbase init. If yes, then where can I store the files inside the Windows filesystem

Thank you in advance for your kind support.

Sumeet boga (software developer)

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