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winrm certificate authentication from linux client

asked 2015-03-27 01:15:50 +0300

barakm gravatar image

I've been following the guide here: and it has been very useful. But it does not explain how to do certificate authentication from a linux client, only a windows one. And from what I can tell, the pywinrm package does not seem to do this. How do I authenticate to a windows server over WinRM using a certificate?

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answered 2015-03-27 18:00:00 +0300

ader1990 gravatar image

updated 2015-03-27 18:02:28 +0300


If you have followed the tutorial you will have two files:

  • key.pem
  • key.pfx

You will need a private key file you can obtain by running this command:

openssl pkcs12 -in key.pfx -out private_key.pem -nodes

This is an example Python code to authenticate using a certificate:

The certificate authentication support has been included in pywinrm with this commit:

Make sure you have the pywinrm version which contains this patch.

Hope it helps.

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This looks like exactly what I need. I'll try it out.

barakm gravatar imagebarakm ( 2015-03-31 09:22:49 +0300 )edit

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