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Installing FreeRDP WebConnect via commandline

asked 2015-07-14 16:10:26 +0300

Peteruna gravatar image

Hi All,

Does anyone know if its possible to install the FreeRDP WebConnect using the command line?

I want to install the program on Windows Server using command line instead of the wizard.

Regards Peter

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answered 2015-09-23 17:31:57 +0300

c64cosmin gravatar image

You need to use the wizard as it configures a new user for FreeRDP WebConnect's service, also if chosen, it does OpenStack integration.

If you want to install FreeRDP-WebConnect as part of a automated script, you could try to execute the .msi or compile the code.

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Asked: 2015-07-14 16:10:26 +0300

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