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Cinder SMB backend missing size correction of images

Currently the Cinder SMB backend only copies the image file from Glance onto the SMB share and then signals the hypervisor that the image is ready, however there is a major step missing from this flow: re-sizing (extending) the image according to its flavor. Basically the VHDX's parameter 'maximum size' needs to be adjusted to the value that's coming from the controller (? this is just an assumption). Example: We have an Ubuntu image in Glance with the size of 2.3 GB. If the user selects a flavor that has a root disk size of 5 GB then he/she should be able to see 5 GB of disk in Linux, however this is not the case, 2.3GB is the reported size. Note that this is totally independent of the VHDX being dynamically expanding type. Please commit a fix to Cinder-SMB as soon as possible.

Cheers, Domi